Bela Bill Continues to be Approved By The National Assembly On It's Way To Starting to be Legislation For Schools In South Africa

The Basic Education Laws Amendment (BELA) Bill was not long ago accepted by the South African Parliament which is now just waiting for being signed into legislation from the President.

The Act will introduce important modifications for the South African Schools Act and the Employment of Educators Act to better align with up to date instructional requirements and troubles.

Key provisions from the BELA Bill consist of:

Compulsory Grade R: The Bill makes it mandatory for children to get started on school at Grade R, with official penalties for parents who fail to enroll their kids​​.

Corporal Punishment: The Bill reinforces the ban on corporal punishment and prohibits other varieties of punishment that may belittle learners​.

Language Policy: School governing bodies (SGBs) will continue to determine the language policy of schools, but these policies must be approved by the head of the education department. This aims click here to ensure that language policies do not discriminate and are inclusive.

Learner Pregnancy: Contrary to some public misconceptions, the Bill does not give schools control over a learner’s decision regarding abortion. It does, however, address the management of learner pregnancies in schools​.

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